Bamboo and Solid Wood flooring

HBPL has state-of –art manufacturing facility for the production of bamboo & wooden floors. It has been manufacturing wooden and bamboo parquets from the day of its establishment. It has manufactured more than 400,000 Sq meters of wooden and bamboo parquets. But at the present situation, HBPL is more concentrated in manufacturing wooden parquets due to high demand in local and international market.

HBPL is only company which manufactures parquets with world class quality which has a fully automated seasoning plant with the capacity of 2000 Cu feet per lot. It produces tongue and groove inter-locking type of solid wooden floors with Poly- Urethane (PU) coated and dried with Ultra- Violate (UV) rays, to match the current international standard.

HBPL is manufactures the world class wooden parquet which has the following features

Why Bamboo Housing

Of all the advantages of bamboo housing technology, the most important is its low cost that doesn't sacrifice quality, durability or space. Instead it provides an option that is feasible for populations with scarce resources.

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Bamboo House Construction Process

Bamboo House Construction Process