Bamboo and Wood Composite Furniture

HBPL believes in producing environmentally friendly products, so its concentration is also in the field of manufacturing bamboo and wooden composite furniture which are environment friendly. It has been manufacturing composite furniture from last 4 years. It has manufactured about 5,000 pieces of composite furniture which includes sofa sets, chairs, stools, beds and different sizes of cub boards and tables. The prime market for the composite furniture are basically the international market such US and Europe.

The composite furniture manufactured by HBPL which consist of bamboo and wood as the a prime raw materials goes through different manufacturing process which includes slicing, skin removal, anti- insect treatment, drying, carbonizing, laminating, planning, molding, sanding and coating.

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Why Bamboo Housing

Of all the advantages of bamboo housing technology, the most important is its low cost that doesn't sacrifice quality, durability or space. Instead it provides an option that is feasible for populations with scarce resources.

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Bamboo House Construction Process

Bamboo House Construction Process