Pre-fabricated Bamboo and Wood composite Houses

Bamboo is available in multipurpose species which has multi dimensional uses. Bamboo is one of the oldest materials used for the construction of houses and other structures. It has strength, flexibility and versatility and therefore it is suitable for every component of the house when treated and used properly. As an excellent building material it is relatively cheap and easy to work with. Of all the great advantages of bamboo housing is its low cost compared to commercial houses. HBPL has built more than 35 different designs of bamboo houses in different parts of the country.

HBPL has been promoting bamboo housing for the benefit of rural poor and homeless people in order to improve their livelihood condition. HBPL has been associated with INBAR (International Network for Bamboo and Ratten), GTZ and World Bank. INBAR is an International intergovernmental organization which aims to transfer technology and develop networking between producer and consumers of bamboo and rattan around the world.

Previous Projects

Name Sq.Ft Location
Camp for Muku Kamaiya 300 Kanchanpur
Residential House 580 Biratnagar
Con Tech Pvt Rims Nepal 600 Melamchi
Rims Nepal Training Hall 1000 Baireni
ECG Center Bhawani Ekikrit 528 Lahan
Bhawani Ekikrit School 880 Kasaha, Siraha
FNCCI Trade School 1313 Surkhet
FNCCI Trade School 684 Surkhet
Mudhbary & Joshi Construction Office cum Residence 1200 Middle Marsyangdi Construction Site
Milk Collection Center (In association with World Vision Intl Nepal) 609 Syankudi
Chandi Lower Secondary School 1800 Bharatpokhari, Kaski
Training Hall Lekhnath Chamber of Commerce 1521 Lekhnath

Why Bamboo Housing

Of all the advantages of bamboo housing technology, the most important is its low cost that doesn't sacrifice quality, durability or space. Instead it provides an option that is feasible for populations with scarce resources.

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Bamboo House Construction Process

Bamboo House Construction Process